Living in Sim

Living in Sim is a virtual reality-bending trip to a post-party, drug-fuelled argument about whether the world is a simulation.This choose-your-own psychedelic adventure will make you question reality, trip balls, and laugh at the absurdities that occur in a messy London flat.Experience life through Ed’s perspective and see how his motionless body is cared for by his miscreant flatmates, while his mind is busy exploring other worlds.And you’ll be left wondering: Am I Living in Sim!?

Living in Sim explores humankind’s evolving relationship with technology and the resulting philosophical questions we are faced with:- Do we have free will?
- Do we live in a simulation?
- Do I want a spliff or a coffee?
We believe such issues are of great interest and importance to public discourse, and as the acceleration of technological progress continues, VR provides a unique and poignant medium through which to explore these subjects.The theme of the film has been inspired by the work of Elon Musk, Professor Nick Bostrom and other great contemporary minds, as well as the show Black Mirror. In contrast, the characters are somewhat of a modern portrayal of those in Withnail and I – a classic British cult comedy.

A Morning Calm Production